Free Dental Consultations to Celebrate #FaceYourFearDay

Have you been putting off a dental check-up because of a fear of dentists? We’d like to help!

At DentoBeauty, we understand that some people just don’t like dentists… we don’t take it personally.

Dentophobia, or the fear of dentists is common and can range from mild discomfort to outright fear of being in a dentists chair.

In celebration of #FaceYourFearDay we would like to offer anyone who has a fear of dentists, a free dental check-up.

The check-up will just be an inspection to check everything is okay and we won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with.

If we find anything that we think should be treated, we will offer you advice and tell you about the treatments we have available that can help you. Don’t worry, you’re under no obligation to have any treatment.

While you’re with us, we’ll also give you a quick tour of our clinic, including our sedation facilities for nervous patients.

At DentoBeauty, we offer both intravenous (IV) and inhalation (gas & air) sedation for patients who need help to relax in a dentists chair.

To book your free check-up, use the form below or call us on 01375 887444 and mention the #FaceYourFearDay promotion.

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